Devardi Glass Link & Banner Exchange.






Exchanging links is a good way to help boost your site and our site in search engine ratings. To be effective, all links must be of the same category: lampworking, glass working of some type or glass crafts. If you are interested in doing this, please contact us and email us the link you would like posted on our website. It will be posted on our front page for maximum exposure. Please post our link on your website also, on the front page. Here is our link or Devardi Glass. Either link will work fine. Just copy and paste in your site. Once we see our link on your site, we will post your link on our site. Thanks so much.


If you would like your banner to your website to appear on our front page, please contact us. We will let you know where to email your banner. In exchange for this service, we will require that our banner be placed on your website's front page. Our banner is below. The link to our website is included in the banner. To make it easy, just copy and paste our banner into the front page of your website. To qualify, you must be a glass artist of any type and sell or show your finished product on your website. Thank you again. Natasha