Devardi Glass How-to Tutorial: Making a Hollow Bead







How to make a hollow glass bead using a side hole 1/8 inch mandrel.

Side Hole Mandrels


We are using Devardi D7 Transparent Dark Rose. Start by coating your mandrel with Bead Release compound. Blow on the other end of the mandrel to clear the side hole of bead release. The bead end of the mandrel is welded shut so air will be forced through the side hole only. Allow to dry.


First make a small bead on one side of the hole. You can see the side hole on the mandrel in the picture above. Next, make an identical bead on the other side of the hole.



Wrap glass on the outer circumference of the two beads toward the inside so the gap begins to close on the outer edge.


Wrap a final coat of glass in the middle, closing the gap on the outer edge, leaving a space inside between the two beads..



Begin to melt the outer glass so that it starts to round out.


Continue to carefully round the glass to the desired shape.



Now move the mandrel up to your mouth and begin to turn the mandrel around and around as it becomes evenly heated.


When the entire bead begins to glow and melt, slowly add air pressure into the mandrel through your mouth, watching as the bead slowly begins to expand. Keep turning your mandrel so the bead evenly heats.



Here it is. Adorable!

Let's add some decoration.



This is Devardi's New Lipstick.









Let's rake the glass with our tungsten rake.




Now, if the the bead loses it's round shape, you can carefully blow again until it expands to the desired size.




Here it is. Beautiful!



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