Mini Propane Glass Melting Kiln

Make your own glass rods, stringers, twisties, luster rods, glass ribbons, multi-colored rods and more with this great mini glass melting kiln. Runs on simple propane torch. For Soft Glass only (COE 90 - 104). Will not work with boro (COE 33), or with a different type of torch.  Watch Video



Takes only 4-5 minutes to melt glass to begin pulling.

Comes with what you see in the picture to the left: the melting kiln, one stainless crucible and the lid. (The torch, hose and other accessories are sold separately below.) $49.95 each





Here are some neat glass rods, twisties, luster rods and ribbons we made using our new Melting Pot. Watch Video


Here's a picture of the torch connected to the kiln. The stainless crucible is next to kiln so you can see what it looks like. There is also the top of the crucible in the picture. The kiln is made from regular steel. The crucible and the torch connector pipe are stainless steel.


Top: Glass Mixer Bit for battery operated drill. $5.49

Bottom: Stainless Glass Ribbon Maker. $5.49

Top Right: Extra Stainless Crucible: $7.79


Please Watch the Video  to see how these and other tools are used.


Assortment of thick rods. 12-15mm thick, various lengths 8-12 inches. Excellent size to use with the Melting pot. Please Watch the Video  to see how. Change the quantity in your cart to specify how many pounds.   SALE: $4.50/LB



12' Mr. Heater propane hose for connecting a Propane Torch to a refillable bulk propane tank. Please do not use a 5' hose to connect your torch to a refillable bulk tank. We feel it is unsafe to keep your tank that close to you and a lit torch in a closed room. We recommend at least this 12 foot hose. A propane bulk tank should be located outside. $39.95



11 Inch Long Nosed Pliers. Used for pulling glass.

Straight End. $8.99



Great Lampwork Torch: $32.95.  Propane or Mapp Gas. We have used this torch head extensively and found that it behaves very similarly to the Hothead. We really could not find a difference in the quality of the flame or our lampwork. We guarantee you will be satisfied with this torch or return it for a full refund.




1 inch shown in the video.

Round Cab Mandrel



$3.99 per ounce. Compatible with COE 104 glass. Great to use with The Melting Pot to mix with glass frit and pieces.


Click the link (name) under the image for a larger picture.

This is a very sparkly cobalt blue aventurine luster frit, about 2mm chips. They melt like glass when heated. $3.99 oz.

Cobalt Blue Luster 1 oz

This is a very sparkly golden aventurine glass luster frit, about 3mm chips. They melt when applied to glass and heated. $3.99 oz.

Golden Luster 1 oz

Cobalt Blue Luster



    Sample Beads

Golden Luster



Sample Beads















 Emerald Green Aventurine Luster Frit. This is a very sparkly green aventurine luster frit. It melts like glass when heated.

Emerald Green Luster 1 oz