COE 90 Glass Rods, Stringers, Dichroic, Mille & Sheet, plus Fusing Kilns and Tools.







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  Used for fusing, slumping, Mosaics, bead making and other general lampwork projects. Mixes well with other COE 90 brands, including Bullseye. ALWAYS TEST FIRST WHEN MIXING BRANDS. We strongly recommend using our brand with only our brand. IT'S ALWAYS RISKY TO MIX GLASS BRANDS.


What is a Microwave Fusing Kiln

A Microwave Fusing Kiln is a high temperature oven, heated within your microwave, for surprisingly precise glass melting. The kiln reaches about 900°C (1650 °F) and quickly melts different pieces of glass together (fusing) into shapes you design. Heating takes about 5 minutes in an average microwave oven. This microwave kiln is compact, safe, convenient, and energy saving. It’s excellent for small scale or even professional glass jewelry making.
1. The inside floor of the microwave kiln must be padded with ceramic fiber paper, otherwise the glass will stick to the kiln tray. Replace this special paper each time you use the kiln with new kiln paper.
2. Although this kiln comes with gloves, it is best to not remove the kiln from the microwave while it is hot. The kiln will cool to room temperature in about an hour. So just leave it sit in the microwave after a melting session until it cools. You can’t open the kiln anyway while it is hot or you will ruin your glass item and could even damage the kiln or burn yourself. So leaving it in the Microwave is a good idea. If you need to add a second kiln to the microwave, and therefore need to remove the first kiln, use the gloves provided and place the hot kiln on a wire rack, not directly on a counter.
3. Do not use a microwave you will also use for food. Melted glass can emit minor impurities that you do not want in your food. You also do not want to breathe in these minor impurities. So it is best to place your microwave on a kitchen stovetop so you can turn on the upper exhaust fan during a melting session. Operating outside the house is also a good idea, even better. The first few times you operate the kiln, the kiln itself can emit an odor. This will stop after a few sessions.
Special note: if you don’t have a second microwave, Amazon often offers slightly dinged new models at reduced prices. Put in “warehouse deals, microwaves” on Amazon. :) We recommend a 1200 watt microwave.

4. This is a great, safe, fun and productive hobby for both adults and supervised children, and a wonderful family project. Have a great time.
Professional Microwave Fusing Kiln, with gloves, 6 wheel glass cutter and kiln papers. Extra Large size. Instructions included. $59.95 Glass pieces in picture not included.
  Outter size:19.5*11cm, inner size: 13.5*4.5cm, weight: 3lbs, Material: Ceramic fiber

Fused Glass Samples
Professional Tungsten Self-oiling Sheet Glass Cutter. $8.95  ---->>
Nice tool. We use regular cooking oil in the upper oil port. That way, it's easy clean up on the glass and on your hands if you get oil on them. Cutter lasts longer if oiled and cuts cleaner.


Assorted COE 90 - Devardi Glass COE 90 Rods, Fusing, Beadmaking - 8-12 inches long. Randomly chosen from the rods in the picture. Most rods are 5-6mm thick. Some are thinner, some are up to 8mm. A few colors are 10mm, but not many. For individual colors, see below.  
1/4 lb - $3.99
1/2 lb - $5.99
1 lb - $9.99
5 lbs - $45.00

Devardi Glass COE 90 Premium Assorted Fusing Pack
 (Pictures do not represent exact amounts.)
1/2 Pound Fusing Pack $18.95
2 ounces random beautiful sheet glass from over 4000 colors, similar to pictures.
1 ounce of Spaghetti Stringers from colors shown.
1 ounce of Premium Millefiori.
3 ounces random glass rods from large assortment.
1 ounce assorted Dichroic Sheets
1 Pound - $28.95
2 Pounds - $ $42.95
5 Pounds - $100


COE 90 Rods Sold By Color:  Rods range from 10 - 12 inches in length & 6 - 10mm in width. Most rods are 12 inches long x 6mm in thickness.



1 Rod 1/4 lb 1/2 lb 1 lb 5 lbs



$1.49 $3.99 $5.99 $9.99 $45

Transparent lavender

Transparent dark pink

Transparent pink topaz

Transparent light topaz

Transparent medium topaz

Transparent dark topaz

Transparent lemon

Transparent yellow

Transparent orange

Transparent medium red

Transparent violet

Transparent amethyst

Transparent blue

Transparent light navy

Transparent medium navy

Transparent light turquoise

Transparent dark turquoise

Transparent lime

Transparent light green

Transparent medium green

Transparent teal

Transparent dark teal

Crystal clear

Transparent smoke

white jade*

pink topaz jade*

pink jade*

turquoise jade*

light blue jade*

dark blue jade*

teal jade*

dark teal jade*

lime jade*

green jade*

Opaque light flesh color

Opaque gray flesh color

Opaque flesh color

Opaque butter

Opaque yellow

Opaque orange

Opaque red

Opaque dark red

Opaque white

Opaque purple

Opaque blue

 Opaque turquoise

Opaque navy

Opaque lime

Opaque green

High density black

* JadJade is considered a Semi-opaque

Spaghetti Stringer Rods for Fusing, Beadmaking 8-12 inches long.

    5 Rodsont> 1/4 lb 1/2 lb 1 lb  5 lbs
    $1.49 $3.99 $6.99 $12.99 $60















Assorted Devardi Glass COE 90 Spaghetti Stringers. Fusing, Beadmaking 8-12 inches long. Randomly chosen from the rods in the picture.
1/4 lb $3.99
1/2 lb $6.99
1 lb $12.99
5 lbs $60

COE 90 Millefiori
COE 90 Millefiori Mix #1
1 oz. $3.99
4 oz. $14.99
COE 90 Millefiori Mix #3
1 oz. $3.99
4 oz. $14.99
COE 90 Millefiori Mix #4 Whites
1 oz. $3.99
4 oz. $14.99
COE 90 Millefiori Blanks
1 oz. $4.99
4 oz. $16.99
COE 90 Millefiori Cranberry Shamrock
1 oz. $3.99
4 oz. $14.99
COE 90 Millefiori Bulls-Eye
1 oz. $3.99
4 oz. $14.99
COE 90 Millefiori Evil Eye
1 oz. $3.99
4 oz. $14.99
COE 90 Millefiori
Bulls-Eye and Evil Eye mix
1 oz. $3.99
4 oz. $14.99
COE 90 Millefiori Hearts
1 oz. $3.99
4 oz. $14.99
COE 90 Millefiori #1
1 oz. $3.99
4 oz. $14.99
COE 90 Millefiori #6
1 oz. $3.99
4 oz. $14.99
COE 90 Millefiori #8
1 oz. $3.99
4 oz. $14.99
COE 90 Millefiori #13
1 oz. $3.99
4 oz. $14.99
COE 90 Millefiori #14
1 oz. $3.99
4 oz. $14.99
COE 90 Millefiori #15
1 oz. $3.99
4 oz. $14.99
COE 90 Millefiori #19
1 oz. $3.99
4 oz. $14.99
COE 90 Millefiori #36
1 oz. $3.99 SOLD
4 oz. $14.99 SOLD
COE 90 Millefiori #51
1 oz. $3.99
4 oz. $14.99
COE 90 Millefiori #56
1 oz. $3.99
4 oz. $14.99
COE 90 Millefiori #59
1 oz. $3.99
4 oz. $14.99


COE 90 Assorted Dichroic,Textured & Fancy fusible sheet glass mix. Random selection similar to picture. About 50% dichroic, 50% Fancy Sheet glass pieces. Fusing, slumping and bead making.
1 oz $4.99
4 oz $14.99

COE 90 Assorted Fusible Sheet Glass Mix
Random Selection from over 4000 colors
1/4 lb, about 24 square inches - $7.00
1/2 lb, about 48 square inches - $12.50
1 lb, about 96 square inches - $22.00
5 lbs - $85.00

Just messing around with some of our glass.  :)